The Editors of Owl & Heron Press

Paco Mitchell is a Jungian author, artist, therapist and editor, dedicated to the study of dreams. His primary interest is in the emergent levels of psychic development that take shape in the collective unconscious, and strive toward consciousness in the dreams and lives of individuals. Many of his dream-related essays have been published in Dream Network and Depth Insights, as well as The Angels (The Entities Trilogy), ed. by Robert Sardello. In addition to his Jungian studies and practice, Paco also taught Romance Languages (Spanish and French); worked as a sculptor and owner/operator of the Blue Heron Foundry (Art Bronze Casting); and for many years taught and performed on the flamenco guitar. He is co-editor of the Owl & Heron Press and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Russell Lockhart is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Everett, Washington. He is the author of Words as Eggs and Psyche Speaks and many articles in the field of depth psychology. He is co-editor of Owl & Heron Press; Editor and Publisher at The Lockhart Press; and President of RAL Consulting, Inc., which operates an international trading room for education in the psychology of the financial markets and global economies. His current work focuses on the fictive purpose of dreams, the commodification of desire, and a novel entitled, Dreams: The Final Heresy.




Owl & Heron Press, co-edited by Russell Lockhart and Paco Mitchell, was established to publish contributions from a depth-psychological perspective. Our particular interest is in exploring what the individual can offer of value in response to the urgent necessities of our time. Dreams, Bones & the Future is the inaugural publication of the press and may be considered as one example of what is to come and a model for the type of content and perspective in which the press is interested as well as a style manual for the press.


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